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Research Interests

Examining the lack of knowledge by district administrators as to what a School Psychologist does or is able to do. I believe the current reason for our burnout is due to this lack of understanding; or even at times a lack of desire to even find out.

Let’s find out where your district or place of employment falls. Then let’s talk about how to make change happen!!!

• A national survey of school psychologists revealed that more than 16% desire to leave their positions in the next 5 years due to administrative pressures, a significant proportion of which involved pressure to practice unethically or to make decisions that were not in compliance with state or federal law. Nearly 8% indicated a desire to abandon the profession altogether as a result of coercive interactions with administrators (Boccio et al., 2016). 

• In Florida, retirements and attrition of school psychologists are outpacing school psychologists entering the field, leading to a growing deficit of school psychologists. Across the state nearly 42 positions went unfilled over a 5-year period (Mann et al., 2019). 

• In Kansas, a survey of employed school psychologists revealed that 34% planned to leave their current school psychology position by the end of the 2018–2019 school year, with more than half of those planning to leave the profession (Kansas Association of School Psychologists, 2017). 

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