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The Beginning

I have been a School Psychologist for 18 years.  In addition, I am an a part-time faculty member for Marywood University and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  I feel the need to help others by teaching and sharing resources, especially during these trying times. 


As School Psychologists, we have to advocate for our needs in our districts and stand up for what is legally and ethically correct. We can no longer sit back and just let things happen or have higher-ups tell us how to perform our jobs. We are trained to help students, families, and teachers. We are trained to advocate for what is right for EACH individual student. We need to be able to do that. 

As parents, we have to stand up for our children's needs in our schools. In addition, we have to do our jobs at home in furthering their education and experiences. It does not take much but we have to give it our all. In addition, we need to reach out to professionals who can guide us in the right direction if our children do have special needs. 



Feel free to browse my site and find the information that is going to be most useful to you.  

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